Who Benefits from an Open House

If done correctly, an open house can help sell your home. If done incorrectly, it can cause you unnecessary frustration. It’s imperative that you listen to your Realtor® when he or she suggests that you hold an open house—or when it might not be an appropriate tactic for your home.

Who Benefits from an Open House?

There’s no denying that an open house will draw some attention to your home. However, sometimes the people who stop by are simply neighbors who want to see what all that remodeling was about; sometimes they attract casual browsers instead of serious buyers.

With that said, those nosy neighbors might have a friend looking for a home. Casual browsers might fall in love and start making plans about selling their own home to buy yours.

Open houses also allow buyers to compare yours to others they’ve seen. They might be interested in something else until they step into yours—and you could end up selling quickly to qualified buyers.

The key here is to listen to your Realtor’s recommendations, though. Open houses aren’t right for everyone, and they don’t work in every situation.

Let’s Talk about Whether an Open House Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Call me at 707-869-1884 or send me a note. I’ll tell you about our aggressive marketing techniques that put your home in front of as many qualified buyers as possible, and i’ll ensure that your entire home selling process is as easy on you as possible.

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