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Dave Roberts

Sonoma County has been my home for more than thirty years. My family chose this area after scouting all of Northern California for the perfect place to live. We wanted a location that was close to big city culture (San Francisco), had great K-12 schools for our kids, and was near a university. We also wanted great weather, beautiful scenery, and wonderful communities. We found all of that here.

Active Homes

These are properties that are actively listed by real estate agents or homeowners and are actively seeking buyers or tenants

Pending Homes

These are homes that are under contract or in the process of being sold or rented, but have not completed the final steps

Sold Homes

Real estate refer to properties that have completed the sales transaction and are no longer available on the market

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Searching for real estate homes involves a series of steps to find the right property that fits your needs and preferences. Here's a summary of the key steps in the real estate home search process:

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Determine the financial implications of changes

Home Valuation

Known as property valuation

Market Reports

Reports are documents or publications

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