Real Estate List Price

An agent can help you set your best list price because they have access to data you may not! Consider the free home evaluation tool. This is but a small taste of the data at the fingertips of of your real estate agent!

Consider these things when deciding whether or not to work with a listing agent to sell your home. If you\’re buying a home, think about working with a buyer\’s agent.

If You Work with an Agent

  • You sign a listing contract, which is a legally binding agreement that typically gives the agent the exclusive right to sell your property within a certain period of time.
  • The agent researches the market in order to determine your home\’s market value and reach a sales price in consultation with you.
  • The agent prepares a written marketing plan that includes a schedule for listing, showing, and advertising your property.
  • The agent advises you on how best to prepare your home for sale and helps arrange for pre-sale tasks such as a home inspection.
  • The agent transmits any offers to you, negotiates the purchase based on your recommendations, and moves all the paperwork through the transaction.
  • You pay for the listing agent\’s services, either as a percentage commission or a flat fee, as specified in your listing contract. The buyer\’s agent is paid out of that fee.
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