Selling a Home

List it, sell it, and move on!

Expect the highest level of professional guidance and in depth market knowledge to reach your goals. Expect to make critical and time sensitive decisions, and know I am proactively preparing to assist you in making the best decisions. From our initial meeting and contract signing to the closing table and beyond, I am here to serve your real estate interests.

Decision Time – Be it a long time coming or a sudden need, it’s time to sell and you know it. From here on, you have a goal. So what’s next? Make it our goal by contacting me.

So we’ve met? Then you know exactly how to maximize the sale value and precisely how I will market your property to achieve our goals considering:

Timeframe – One of the most powerful factors is time. How much do you have? We aren’t talking about time to waste, this is all about time to effectively meet your goals. Life moves quickly. When does this need to be wrapped to be an ideal success?

Preparation For Transition – If you have not already purchased your next home, tell me your desires and I will find it. Should you be moving out of Florida ask me to research and interview agents in your target state or country. Ideally, you may purchase your new home prior to the sale of an existing property. If it must sell first for financing reasons, I have the experience to handle both transactions simultaneously and the insight to ensure you are well prepared for every step.

Staging – Wether you do it yourself or choose to hire a professional, our plan is set. From clean out and clean up to reposition and redecorate, this property is now a product for which you should receive the highest price possible. Work with my staging consultant for out of this world results.

Marketing – Data has proven that in the first two weeks of marketing interest and showings average the equivalent of the following two months! Pricing and presentation pay off here. Market feedback is varied, valuable, and I know how to read it.

Contracts & Negotiations – Offers are time sensitive and may contain unique stipulations. Any offer received will be presented thoroughly for your consideration.

Agreement – You have an executed contract, what’s next? Time sensitive contractual requirements may include delivery of escrowed funds, inspections, feasibility studies, title searches, appraisal, and buyer financing contingencies. Don’t consider it a done deal until it’s a done deal.

It’s A Done Deal – Funds are received and ownership is transferred. Congratulations, and thank you for the opportunity to serve your real estate interests now and in the future!

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