Buying a property can be exciting and offers so many rewards. However knowing how to start, what to do, when and who to trust can be a chore. Our recommendation is to ask friends and family how they did it. Many will tell you that knowing the money first cuts out a lot of frustration. Use our Mortgage Center to see if its better to rent or buy, how much you can afford and the tax benefits of owning, etc. Don\’t apply for a loan just yet but by now you have a good idea of the numbers.  Then use our buyer guides to figure out what is important to you in your new property. By then you should have your budget and the key elements of what you need in your new home. Check out the Market Reports  to get an idea of where in the area you want to live. Research schools, demographics, recent sales and current real estate for sale.

By now you should feel pretty good about everything right? Ok, the next thing is to research real estate agents. Check the areas you are considering and browse properties. You can call the agent that is listing the property and let them represent you and the seller but that depends on your comfort level. If not then research some. Who is coming up that has listings or has sold in those areas? Check their reviews and their contributions on website forums. Ask friends and family and neighbors as to who they used and recommend.


Once you have a few in mind interview them. Do they have a good internet presence? Those that do get contacted by potential sellers and other agents in the area and that creates a list of properties about to hit the market.

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