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Information needed at Loan Application
1) W-2 (2-years) & Current Pay Stubs, Self-Employment or 1099
– Last 2 years tax returns
2) Landlord name/ Telephone
Last 2 years
3) Employer name/ Address/ Telephone
Last 2 years
4) Asset Information
Past 2 month\’s statements where your funds to close Escrow are
5) Information on Stocks/ Bonds/401K, etc.
6) Name and telephone number of Realtor
7) Name and telephone number of Escrow
NOTE: The above is for fully documented loans. Reduced documentation and stated income loan requirements vary. Please call for complete details
The Home Loan Process
1) Pre-qualification/ Pre-approval (Credit Report Run)
2) Formal Loan Application Taken
3) Escrow and Title Ordered
4) Appraisal Ordered
5) Income and Asset Information Verified
6) Complete Loan Package Submitted TO Underwriter
7) Loan Approved
8) Obtain and Forward to Underwriter any additional items that may be required
9) Interest Rate Locked
10) Loan Documents Ordered and Sent To Escrow
11) Loan Documents Signed by Borrower(s)
12) Final Pre-Closing Conditions Sent To Lender
13) Loan Funds Wired to Title
14) Loan and Grant Deed Record, Close of Escrow
Predicting Your Monthly


Your monthly payment
(PITI) is the sum of four items – the principal on the loan (P), the
interest on the loan (I), property taxes (T), and homeowner\’s insurance
(I). To predict your monthly payment for a 30 year fixed rate loan, use
the following table to determine the principal and interest part of the
payment. Simply divide the loan amount by 1,000 and then multiply that
figure by the appropriate interest rate factor from the table below. To
that sum add 1/12th the amount of your yearly taxes and 1/12th the amount
of your yearly insurance premium. This will give you your PITI


For example: If your mortgage loan amount is
$150,000, your interest rate is 7.0% you would
multiply 150 by 6.65 resulting in a value of
$997.50. Add your monthly insurance premium (approximately $25 – $75 per
month) and your property tax (approximately your purchase price x 1.25%
/12) to your principal and interest. This is your estimated monthly

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